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August 02, 2007



Here here!! I actually got in trouble for using the mdot on a map I created of IM Louisville. It was barly readable.

IM is becoming way too commerical, My first long course is going to the the Chesapeake Ultraman


If you were to take this to court, you would most likely win the right to call yourself an ironman and wear the logo for the following reasons:

1) The term ironman is a common term which describes a triathlon distance and is debatably in the public domain just like the term marathon is.
2) A person who completes an ironman distance is commonly referred to as an 'ironman'.
3) As the article states, as anyone is allowed to buy m-dot items, anyone is allowed to wear them. The only legal criteria for being licensed to wear m-dot items are to purchase them or receive them as a gift. If you steal an m-dot item you should return it or face possible criminal prosecution.

Until that court date the safest route is to refer to yourself as an ironman with a lower case i as that’s the common term and not an Ironman with a capital I as that is trademarked by the WTC.

After saying all that the funny thing buzzing around in my head is I think that I will need to do an official Ironman event and Madison is a really cheap and cool place to vacation...

(Boy did those greeks miss out on copywriting the term marathon…)

Iron Pol

Has everyone read the big flap in Triathlete Magazine? They've had some serious response to a gomer who said that not only should non-sanctioned 140.6 mile triathlete events not earn the Ironman designation, non-Kona events shouldn't.

In other words, if you don't complete Kona, you aren't an Ironman. Man, did Chris Hauth have a thing or two for that guy.

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