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February 01, 2007



I know exactly how you feel sister. I drop a couple of pounds and those damn cookies start calling my damn name and when I ignore them they start screaming. Good luck and if I need a smack up against the head too, I'll let you know. -chuck


another great post, from the 'Carrie Bradshaw of Blogland', our raceAthlete logo designer, and craver of pop tarts!


so. true.

my nemesis, the cadbury egg, is coming into season shortly.

this can't end well.


I probably have a Pop Tart every day. I'm big on the strawberry ones. 85 cents. Usually around 2pm. Like clockwork. Love em. Never give them up. Ever.


poptarts.. 25% cals from fat.. 203 cals total.. .. eat them on the bike instead of gels ! :) maybe.



I just kicked the pop-tart habit. I was partial to the Chocolate ones, but strawberry was a close second.

After some teasing from my house-mates about the "healthy girl" eating pop-tarts, I actually read the ingredients list. Since I now know what that mile-long list of ingredients does inside my body (thank you Dr. Littleton of BioChem lore), I was horrified! I then came to a realization... When I bit into the poptart, it really, truly did NOT taste good. It was an emotional connection from my childhood. AFter that, I tossed the one w/a bite missing, and the other 7 in the box, into the garbage. Good Riddance.

This might be the longest post I've ever written ;)

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