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January 31, 2007


Rural Girl

Right on Stu. You sum up in words exactly what my head is screaming. Hope to see you all at Wildflower.


So excited for you guys...especially my man Stu! Congrats - you deserve it so much :)


and what a cool family it is....

Mal aka Gaza Running

Great Story Stu
Amazing bonding experience another Race Athlete first

Stephen Waits

Cool story..

BTW, "were" does not have an 'h' in it.



What an experience, thanks for sharing it with us. Can't wait for Wildflower-its going to be a blast.


I'm all about the meetup Stu. And, it was great finally getting a chance to ride with you, Michelle and Tracy!




I'm sitting at my kitchen table eating dinner and reading this and my internet radio is playing Chicago "Just you and me" - with the line "you are my inspiration". I have to say that you guys are and also, to be personal, I looked at a picture on the bulletin board above the table as well. It's my husband finishing 3rd in our first try-a-tri in 2005. We are all so lucky to have discovered this.


This team just rocks! It was great being there with you, and Floyd, and Melanie, Tyler, Will, everyone involved!

Hopefully, we'll get everyone together soon!

Deke 12000 Simply Stu Listener

Did you meet the "bassman" Stan from Texas at Temecula? He is my spin instructor at Lifetime in Allen Texas. I heard about the Temecula weekend from him and his ride up Palomar. He said his group got a 30 minute head start on the 42 Miles... and Floyd caught him with 2 miles left to go! Sounds like it was a great time. Keep up the Great Podcasts. I am a tri guy in Texas (55) in my second year of having the time of my life.

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