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November 21, 2006



Yeah, I hate my Garmin 301. Like you said, the heart rate monitor is flaky, the heart rate strap is like something out of a torture chamber and the wrist unit is the size of a Volkwagon. The mileage is never even close to correct either and you lose GPS signal when someone looks at your crosseyed. The only improvement I see here is that the wrist unit is a bit smaller. I'll take my Polar footpod technology calibrated against the track any day.

Gavin Nunns

I used the Timex GPS system for a while and have gone back to my trusty polar 625 with a footpod.

GPS tends to be heavy and unreliable. Saying that testing GPS around a track and comparing it to a foot pod is a little harsh on the gps system because due to the sampling rate when you are making a lot of turns the distance traveled can be completely out of wack.


I'm so surprised when people say the GPS is not accurate. I have done 100's of runs and bikes with it and it is almost always spot on. I did five 1/2 marathons and was always inside of 1/10th of a mile at the worst. I just love my FR 301. It is my best pal. I guess for flat out track and speed work I might agree, but for longer bikes and runs it is just spot on. I have a few routes I have put markers on and I'm always inside of 5 or 6 steps. Maybe I live under big satellites in Wisconsin??? :)

ShirleyPerly aka Humble Triathlete

I too am a big fan of GPS. I've run a lot of marathons all over the U.S. (incl. Alaska and Hawaii) and have gotten very good results from my trusty old Garmin Forerunner 201. In general, the results have been within .2 to .3 miles of 26.2 but I know I don't always run the course the way it's measured and sometimes the courses have sharp turnarounds that will introduce errors.

I have had problems acquiring satellite signals when in heavy treed areas or amongst lots of very tall buildings. This was a problem at the start of one race because there was no data to deadreckon with. Otherwise, occasional signal losses during a course of 26.2 miles have not mattered much to me.

TBH, I wouldn't expect GPS technology to work well on a track.

Nancy Toby

We have another older GPS unit, but until this year a lot of my run training took place on a rail-trail underneath power lines, or in wooded areas - and the GPS signal was always wacky there. At least I had a signal this time!



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